Design Direction & Photography
Stockholm — Sweden

For the last decade I have worked as an Art Director, Product Designer & Photographer.
I work with clients & brands to define & design their brand, products & experiences.

Currently working as Design Lead
at SitooStockholm

IG: @alexradsby

Selected Work


About me

Do what you like
& do it honestly.

I'm Alexander Radsby, a Stockholm-based multi-diciplinary designer & photographer from Sweden.

With more than 15+ years of experience I've had the opportunity to help design campaigns, products and shot photography for multiple major brands and start-ups.

Graduated with a university degree in development, accessibility & usability in 2008. Spent the better part of a decade working as a designer, developer & photographer. With experience across multiple mediums and with a strong technical foundation, I bring a well balanced perspective to my work.

I enjoy a good cup of coffee, watching movies & shows. I love spending time with my fiancé, photographing places & people and I would happily get paid in vintage guitars.

Futhermore, I paint concept-art & write music on the weekends and I would never say no to a full day of Dungeons & Dragons.

I've worn many hats throughout my career and staying humble, working together and having no prestigé is important to me.

I believe in honesty, respect, love & positivity for everything from work to everyday life.


2022 — Current
• Design Lead
Sitoo, Stockholm

• Freelance Photographer

2019 - 2021
Product Designer
Sitoo, Stockholm

Senior Product Designer
Hedvig, Stockholm

Product Designer
Springworks, Stockholm

Art Director, Designer, Photographer
Perfect Fools, Stockholm

Design Intern
Perfect Fools, Stockholm

Awards & Recognition

2024 — Retail Systems Award, Point of Sale Technology of the Year, Winner
2022 — Retail Systems Award, High Street Innovation Award, Winner
2021 — Retail Systems Award, In-Store Innovation of the Year, Winner
— Webby - Integrated Mobile Experience, Nomination

2018 — Guldnyckeln, Silver
2017 — The Lovie Awards, Gold
2017 — The Lovie Awards, People's Lovie Award
2016 — Webby Award, Winner
2016 — Guldägget, Winner
2015 — The FWA, Mobile Site of The Day
2012 — One Show - Interactive Advertising, Gold
2012 — One Show - Spatial Design / Indoor Spaces, Silver
2011 — Eurobeat - Design, Silver
2011 — Eurobeat - Interactive, Silver
2011 — Eurobeat - Promo & Activation, Silver
2011 — Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity - Design, Silver
2011 — Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity - Cyber, Promo
2011 — Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity - Promo, Silver
2011 — FWAPhoto, One Photo A Day Award


Jury, Lectures, Workshops

2023 — D&AD, Jury
2017 —, Jury
2016 —, Jury
2015 — Applied Digital Design & Workshop, Luleå University
2008 — Work & Field Experience, John Bauergymnasiet
2007 — Work & Field Experience, John Bauergymnasiet


Special Thanks
My wife Alexandra Radsby & Luna, Christoffer Radsby, Mother, Father, Siblings, Sisters-in-law, Brothers-in-law.

Thank you for inspiring, believing, trusting, helping, pushing, critiquing, laughing & working with me.
James Widegren, Tony Högqvist, Jens Karlsson, Fredrik Heghammar, Fredrik Stutterheim, Vinh Kha, Christian Mezöfi, Mattias Mattisson, Karl Nord, Patrick Sundqvist, Tony Sajdak, Björn Kummeneje, Niklas Karlsson, John Wolst, Klas Lusth, Patrick Garner, Amit Raab, Melissa Nilsson, Stefan Lagergren, Kim Korte, Mikael Palm, Ann Ystén, Carl Berglind, Hannah Bradford, Josefine Enelid Roos, Madeleine Modig, Anna Lindequist, Rasmus Bjurström, Åsa Maria Clementson, Paula Krueger, Oscar Asmoarp, Christian Johansson, Martin Samuelsson, Daniel Lunde, Philip Arvidsson, Patrick Dry, Erik Nilsson, Erik Wikholm, Martin Hammarberg, Arno Selvini, Tim Sajdak, Michael Aneto, Mark Chalmers, James Goode, Simone Magurno, Magnus Lindblom, Hampus Olsson, Markus Gustafsson, Johan Benjaminsson, Therese Larsson, Simon Kjellberg, Ida Franceen, Alexander Koste, Erik Ramberg, Joel Helin, Petter Silfver, Sophia Skinbjerg, Nicklas Fernström, Anna Beijer, Tom Spence, Richard Wålander, Simon Kotlinski, Fredrik Åkerlind, Zak Kjellin, Alexander Segerby, Lucas Carlsén, Tomas Nelander, Sara Marsenic´, Margnus Berg, Sam Pettersson, Margarita Kradjian, Mathias Wellström, Katarina Fegraeus, Bruno Leo Ribeiro, Johan Leitet, Mathias Billmark, Emil Eifrem, Johan Green, Michael Meurlinger, Jens Levin, Oleksandr Grinchenko, Olle Harju, Jörgen Andersson, Alexey Svirshchevskiy, Edison Harada, Carl Benson, Felix Pontén, Justin Maller, Peter Harrison, Mike Harrison, Niklas Lundberg, Ravi Vasavan, Perttu Murtu, Pawel Nolbert, Peter Jaworowski, Nelson Balaban, Karan Singh, Jonathan Wong, Kervin Brisseaux, Erik Finsrud, Chris Haines, Craig Shields, Heiko Klug, James Wignall, Jonathan Foerster, Laura Burk, Max Spencer, Rik Oostenbroek, Sefan Lucut, Phil Dunne, Nicolas Monin-Baroille, Jeremy Estrellado, Johan Eriksson, Angelica Reiman, Daniel Mårs, Ben Alexis

Clients Include

Master Supply Co, Nikon, Converse, adidas, Larsen Cognac, H&M, LG, Peak Performance, SVT, Jarlsberg, Urbanears, Hedvig, Sitoo, Kent



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